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This topic describes Cloud Foundry terms and definitions.

Term Definition
API Application Programming Interface
Availability Zone (AZ) A functionally independent segment of network infrastructure, often correlated with geographical region, designated to increase availability and fault-tolerance. A cloud operator can select or assign AZs on platforms such as AWS and vSphere.
BOSH BOSH is an open framework for managing the full development and deployment life cycle of large-scale distributed software applications.
CLI Command Line Interface
Domains A domain is a domain name like Domains can also be multi-level and contain sub-domains like the “myapp” in Domain objects belong to an org and are not directly bound to apps.
Droplet An archive within CF that contains the application ready to run on Diego. A droplet is the result of the application staging process.
Managed Services Services provided by third-parties, but integrated into CF through APIs so that CF users can provision reserved resources and credentials on demand. Also called Custom Services.
Management You can manage spaces and orgs with the CF Command Line Interface (cf CLI), the Cloud Controller API, and the CF Eclipse Plugin.
Org An org is the top-most meta object within the CF infrastructure. Only an account with administrative privileges on a CF instance can manage its orgs.
Routes A route, based on a domain with an optional host as a prefix, may be associated with one or more applications. For example, myapp is the host and is the domain when using the route It is possible to have a route that represents without a host. Routes are children of domains and are directly bound to apps.
Service A “factory” which produces service instances.
Service Instance A reserved resource provisioned by a service. The resource provisioned will differ by service; could be a database or an account on a multi-tenant application.
Spaces An org can contain multiple spaces. You can map a domain to multiple spaces, but you can map a route to only one space.
Staging The process in CF by which the raw bits of an application are transformed into a droplet that is ready to execute.
UAA User Account and Authentication Service, which provides the technological basis for Dashboard Single Sign-On available to CF users when accessing pertinent Managed Services.
Warden The mechanism for containerization on Diego that ensures applications running on CF have a fair share of computing resources and cannot access either the system code or other applications running on Diego.
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