Monitoring and Testing Diego Components

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The following components monitor and test runtime deployment of Cloud Foundry.


Inigo is an integration test suite that launches the Diego components through various test cases, including component failures and other exceptional scenarios. Inigo validates a given set of component versions to ensure mutual compatibility, robustness, and graceful performance degradation in failure conditions.

Refer to the Inigo repo on GitHub for more information.


The auction package encodes behavioral details about Task and LRP allocation to cells during a Diego Auction. It includes a simulation test suite that validates the optimal performance of the auction algorithm. You can run the simulation for different algorithm variants at various scales, and in the following ways:

  • In-process, for short feedback loops

  • Across multiple processes, to reveal the impact of communication in the auction

  • Across multiple machines in a cloud-like infrastructure, to reveal the impact of latency on the auction

Refer to the Auction repo on GitHub for more information.


The CF Diego Operator Toolkit (cfdot) is a CLI tool designed to interact with a Cloud Foundry Diego deployment.

cfdot commands can perform the following Long-Running Process (LRP) operations:

  • List actual LRP groups
  • Retire actual LRPs by index and process guid
  • List desired LRPs and their scheduling information
  • Show a specified desired LRP
  • Create and delete desired LRPs
  • Update a desired LRP

cfdot commands can also perform the following operations:

  • List domains
  • Set domains
  • Display Tasks
  • Delete Tasks

Refer to the cfdot repo on GitHub for more information.

CF Acceptance Tests

CF Acceptance Tests (CATs) is a suite of acceptance-level tests that exercises a full Cloud Foundry deployment using the golang cf CLI and curl.

Refer to the CF Acceptance Tests repo on GitHub for more information.

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