Security Group for Cloud Foundry on OpenStack

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OpenStack offer Security Groups as a mechanism to restrict traffic to, from, and between servers.

Note: The configuration below shows the simplest security group configuration that will be referenced in other places in the documentation, but it is by no means the most secure configuration, and is not recommended for production setups.


Direction Ether Type IP Protocol Port Range Remote
Egress IPv4 Any - (CIDR)
Egress IPv6 Any - ::/0 (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 UDP 68 (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 UDP 3457 (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 ICMP - (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 TCP 22 (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 TCP 80 (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 TCP 443 (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 TCP 4443 (CIDR)
Ingress IPv4 TCP - cf (Security Gp)
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