Deploying Cloud Foundry with cf-deployment

This topic describes how to deploy Cloud Foundry using cf-deployment.

cf-deployment offers a new way to deploy Cloud Foundry that relies on individual component releases. To deploy Cloud Foundry with the older cf-release method, see Deploying Cloud Foundry with cf-release.


In contrast to cf-release, cf-deployment prioritizes:

  • Readability for a human operator - cf-deployment includes only necessary configuration
  • Security and production-readiness by default
  • Native use of Diego and lack of support for Droplet Execution Agents


Prepare Your Environment

Before deploying Cloud Foundry with cf-deployment, you must prepare your environment and deploy a BOSH Director.

The procedures vary depending on your IaaS. Select the topic specific to your IaaS:

Note: The topics for preparing your environment use the bosh-bootloader tool. bosh-bootloader is currently only compatible with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Deploy Cloud Foundry

After preparing your environment and deploying a BOSH Director, continue to the Deploying Cloud Foundry topic.

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