Deploying BOSH on AWS

In the previous step you prepared an AWS environment for BOSH. This document shows how to deploy BOSH into your AWS environment by creating a deployment manifest and passing it to bosh-init.

Copy the RSA Private Key

When bosh aws create prepared your AWS environment, it generated an RSA private key file and saved it into your ~/.ssh directory. To deploy BOSH, you need this file in your deployment directory.

Copy the RSA private key file, id_rsa_bosh, to the cf-example directory you created in the previous step.

$ cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa_bosh ~/deployments/cf-example

Create a Deployment Manifest

  1. Log into the AWS Console.

  2. Create a deployment manifest file named bosh.yml in the deployment directory. For its contents, copy the YAML code from the AWS BOSH manifest template in the BOSH documentation.

  3. Replace properties listed in the file as follows:

    • ELASTIC-IP:In the EC2 Dashboard under Elastic IPs, use the Elastic IP with the Instance associated with bosh. Example: “”.
    • SUBNET-ID: In the VPC Dashboard tab Subnets, use the Subnet ID for the subnet named “bosh1.” Example: “subnet-2f58134a”.
    • AVAILABILITY-ZONE and REGION: Use the values from the bosh_environment file you created in the previous step.
    • ACCESS-KEY-ID and SECRET-ACCESS-KEY: Use the values from your bosh_environment file.
    • Replace all predefined passwords with passwords of your choice.

Deploy BOSH

  1. Confirm that bosh-init and the BOSH CLI are installed on your machine.

  2. Run bosh-init deploy ./bosh.yml to start the deployment process.

    $ bosh-init deploy ./bosh.yml

    See AWS CPI errors for list of common errors and resolutions.

  3. Use bosh target ELASTIC-IP to log into your new BOSH Director. The default username and password are admin and admin.

    $ bosh target
    Target set to 'bosh'
    Your username: admin
    Enter password: *****
    Logged in as 'admin'

For information about deploying BOSH on AWS without running bosh aws create, see the Initializing BOSH environment on AWS topic.

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