Service Mesh (Beta)

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This topic describes service mesh for Cloud Foundry (CF).

To deploy service mesh, see Deploying Service Mesh (Beta).


CF includes an optional beta routing plane that uses a service mesh. A service mesh provides traffic management, security, and observability for microservices. For more information, see What is a service mesh? in the Istio documentation.

Service mesh in CF uses Istio Pilot and Envoy. The Cloud Foundry istio-release packages these components into a BOSH release. For more information, see Pilot in Istio documentation, What is Envoy in the Envoy documentation, and the istio-release repository in GitHub.

Service mesh deploys an additional router and runs as a parallel routing plane as illustrated in the following diagram:

A load balancer receives requests at *.YOUR-APPS-DOMAIN and forwards them to the Gorouter. The Gorouter then forwards them to an app. A separate load balancer receives requests at *.mesh.YOUR-APPS-DOMAIN and forwards them to the istio-router. The istio-router then forwards them to an app


Service mesh currently supports configuring routing weights for apps. For more information, see Using Weighted Routing (Beta).


When deploying service mesh, consider:

  • It does not have feature parity with the existing routing plane in CF.
  • It is for deployments with fewer than 20,000 routes. At greater scale, it can impact core platform functions.
  • The control plane is not highly available and registration of new routes can be delayed during an upgrade.
  • The domain for routes is *.mesh.YOUR-APPS-DOMAIN and is not configurable.

Component VMs

The following table describes each component VM deployed as part of service mesh in CF, along with their function.

VM Processes Function
istio-router envoy A reverse proxy to forward HTTP/HTTPS requests external to the platform to apps on the platform.
istio-control copilot, pilot-discovery Propagates CF external routes to all service mesh routers.
route-syncer cc-route-syncer Syncs routes created through the Cloud Foundry API (CAPI) to the service mesh control plane.
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