Create a Deployment Manifest for Cloud Foundry on BOSH-Lite

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This topic describes how to create the Cloud Foundry deployment manifest for BOSH-Lite. It assumes you have already installed BOSH-Lite and the BOSH CLI.

Create a Deployment Manifest Stub (Optional for Virtualbox)

If you deploy BOSH-Lite to an AWS Vagrant VM, you must specify a system domain in a manifest stub. If you are deploying to a local Vagrant VM this step is not necessary.

By default, BOSH-Lite uses the system domain, which resolves to the address Update the system domain property to one of the following two values:

  • The domain that you configured to point to the public IP address of the BOSH-Lite box that you previously created.
  • The domain the corresponds to the public IP address given to your BOSH-Lite vagrant box: For more information about, see
  system_domain: # Replace with your system domain

Target Your BOSH Director

Use the bosh alias-env command with the address of your BOSH Director to connect to the BOSH Director. Log in with the default user name and password, admin and admin, or use the username and password that you set when you installed BOSH-Lite.

$ bosh -e MY-ENV alias-env
Your username: admin
Enter password: *****
Logged in as 'admin'

Clone the cf-release GitHub Repository

$ git clone

Generate the Manifest

Ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Cloud Foundry code and all required submodules.

  1. From the cf-release directory that you cloned when you created the manifest, run the update script to fetch all the submodules.

    $ cd cf-release
    $ ./scripts/update
  2. Run gem install bundler to install bundler.

  3. Install spiff.

  4. Use the scripts/generate-bosh-lite-dev-manifest command to create a deployment manifest and set it as the current BOSH deployment.

    $ cd cf-release
    $ ./scripts/generate-bosh-lite-dev-manifest
  5. (Optional) If you have deployed your BOSH-Lite to AWS, or have otherwise created any stubs with custom configuration, you should pass them as additional arguments:

    $ ./scripts/generate-bosh-lite-dev-manifest PATH-TO-STUB ...

  6. (Optional) If you want to deploy container-to-container networking, see the Enable on BOSH-Lite section of the Administering Container-to-Container Networking topic.

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